A new agency is to coordinate the use of blockchain technology within US government agencies.

A new bill filed on Thursday under the acronym H.R.9067 seeks to „coordinate“ the use of blockchain technology within the US federal government.

The bill, filed by Representative Darren Soto, a Democratic Party representative for the US state of Florida, provides that „the Department of Commerce shall establish a department to coordinate any use of blockchain technology within the federal government, provided that such use does not involve defence“.

On 31 December, the bill was already submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Although the exact content of the draft is still unknown, its author could possibly allow conclusions to be drawn about the intended areas of application for blockchain technology.

In recent months, Soto had increasingly shown himself to be an advocate for cryptocurrencies, which he now also allows for political donations directed at him, and blockchain technology.

The politician, who is co-chair of the Parliamentary Blockchain Council, confirmed in a previous interview with Cointelegraph that he plans to soon incorporate the technology as an alternative way to transmit absentee ballots. The US Post Office had previously filed a patent to that effect. In response, Soto said in the interview:

„I could imagine something like this being used very soon, possibly as early as the next election.“

Then again, last September, Soto had announced that his „nearly two years of effort“ in the parliamentary Committee on Energy and Commerce had paid off by finally passing the Digital Taxonomy Act, which would, among other things, explore the use of blockchain technology by government agencies. The bill H.R.9067 aims to follow up on this and ensure faster adoption of the technology.

Advocacy for cryptocurrencies has been a particular focus of Soto’s recently, as he is one of the nine parliamentarians who have criticised the US Treasury Department for rushing to file a new crypto bill. In the crypto industry, this had caused a strong headwind, and even a possible lawsuit against the ministry is in the air.